Law Office of Richard J. Arendt

Attorney Richard J. ArendtWhen Rich opened his law practice, he started a “business practice”.  His clients owned businesses. His legal services were centered around starting, running and growing his client’s businesses. Today he continues to provide legal representation to individuals and business owners alike.

From the beginning, Rich provided clients with tax planning and preparation services ensuring that each client paid what is owed, and strategies to reduce their tax burden where possible.

Depending on the type of business entity, Rich expanded his practice to meet the additional needs of his clients. This might mean entering into a partnership, validating employee handbooks, protecting intellectual property, purchasing equipment, or buying or selling residential or commercial real estate.

Rich has always provided civil and commercial litigation for his clients. He is a member of the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association (ILTA). The mission of the ILTA aligns with Rich’s principles as an attorney.

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