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At the Law Office of Richard J. Arendt, we represent both buyers and sellers in commercial real estate transactions. Our Illinois commercial real estate law firm offers legal counsel and representation regarding the full spectrum of real estate transaction issues, such as drafting of contracts, ordering of title commitments, closing preparations, representation at closings, and post-closing issues. This experience includes negotiating commercial real estate sales and lease transactions and resolving disputes involving government agencies and private property owners.

Mr. Arendt has established lasting working relationships with clients that include some of Chicagoland’s most successful property management companies, developers, and builders. Whether we are offering legal counsel regarding regulatory or zoning issues, negotiating contract terms on a large commercial building project, or litigating a quiet title.

Chicago Commercial Real Estate Attorney

As a full-service provider of real estate legal services, we represent buyers, sellers, investors, developers, general contractors, and sub-contractors in commercial transactions and litigated disputes. Effective representation in commercial and industrial real estate matters necessitates not only exhaustive knowledge of real property law but also laws governing general business law, tax law, loans, mortgage brokers, and general commercial law.

Commercial Leasing – Illinois Landlord-Tenant Law

Commercial leases are relatively lengthy and complicated because they account for a significant portion of business overhead. Mr. Arendt understands the unique issues involved in commercial lease relationships and applies this insight when negotiating, drafting, and litigating commercial lease disputes. Breach of contract disputes that arise from a commercial lease often involve issues like conflicting interpretations of lease terms, build out conditions, non-payment of rent, violation of lease conditions, and changes in conditions and circumstances that adversely impact a business. Our Cook County Commercial Lease Law Firm represents both landlords and tenants in commercial lease evictions.

Residential Real Estate

Legal Advice and Representation in Residential Property Transactions

If you are contemplating the purchase or sale of residential property, skillful representation by an experienced Illinois residential real estate lawyer can provide valuable protection of your interests. Chicago Residential Real Estate Lawyer Richard J. Arendt has negotiated hundreds of residential transactions during his 38 years practicing law. Mr. Arendt provides legal advice to clients on a broad range of residential real estate matters, including such diverse issues as evictions for non-payment of rent, unlawful use of the premises, homeowners’ and condo association disputes, and a multitude of other landlord-tenant issues.

Experienced Illinois Real Estate Law Firm for All Residential Real Property Issues

While some disagreements between landlords and tenants can be resolved fairly quickly and easily with a minimum of acrimony, other matters require complex paperwork and extensive litigation. When you are involved in a contentious landlord-tenant dispute, an efficient resolution of the disagreement can save money and prevent a prolonged period of negative cash12 flow from an investment property. Cook County landlords and homeowners’ associations often face expensive and time-consuming obstacles to expelling unwanted tenants and delinquent unit owners. Landlords ranging from families with small investments to large property management companies take an enormous risk by attempting to navigate the subtle complexities of Illinois eviction law without the guidance of an experienced landlord-tenant lawyer. When a property is owned by an LLC or corporation, representation by a licensed attorney is not even permissible under state law.

Representing Buyers & Sellers in Residential Sales Transactions

Illinois real property law can seem convoluted and complex, especially for first-time buyers. Whether you are the purchaser of an owner-occupied residence, vacation home, or investment property, a local residential property attorney can help you resolve legal issues during and after a transaction, such as the following:

Purchasing the Property: Mr. Arendt can draft and review documents relevant to the transaction while also confirming you are receiving clean title and handling financing issues. Although ingress and egress issues are less common, our law office also helps clients overcome such issues by negotiating easements or devising other appropriate solutions.

Financing Issues: Homeowners often run into mortgage or loan repayment issues because of changing circumstances or adverse financial conditions. Mr. Arendt can analyze a client’s situation and highlight potential options, which might include a loan modification or short sale.

Home Ownership: Legal issues like zoning problems or boundary disputes can threaten real estate investments by restricting the use of your property or placing a cloud on title. Although Mr. Arendt tenaciously represents his clients in litigation, he also utilizes arbitration and mediation strategies to reduce the cost of resolving real estate disputes with other private owners, financial institutions, and government entities.

Simultaneous Transactions: Many residential home buyers must sell their current home to generate the funds to “buy up.” When an individual attempts to consummate two separate sales transactions at the same time, the potential problems and legal issues are doubled. Our law firm routinely represents clients in coordinating multiple contingent real estate transactions.

Landlord-Tenant Law

Forcible Entry & Detainer in Illinois

Although some forcible entry and detainer matters are resolved without extensive litigation, many residential evictions are not settled before trial. The process of litigating an eviction can easily be derailed by failing to comply with substantive and procedural requirements. Mistakes or unanticipated tactics by a problem tenant can delay regaining possession while a property is undergoing extensive damage. There are many aspects of the landlord-tenant law that might be unfamiliar to property owners, such as the inability of the parties to execute a jury waiver in a residential eviction. Because the Law Office of Richard J. Arendt has represented hundreds of landlords and tenants in residential evictions, our law firm is well respected in the Chicagoland property management community for our knowledge of these legal subtleties.

Pursuing a residential eviction without legal advice and representation is ill-advised because the Chicago Residential Landlord Tenant Ordinance (also referred to as “Chicago RLTO”) provides tenants with extensive rights and protections. Landlords without exhaustive knowledge of this law and other legal requirements often encounter unanticipated surprises like an order to pay a tenant’s attorney fees and damages for improperly assessed late fees. Mr. Arendt communicates with his clients, so they can make informed decisions that lead to more advantageous outcomes.

In recent times, our law firm represents many property owners who need to pursue an eviction the following foreclosure. These types of evictions can be especially daunting because relevant laws seem to be conflicting or overlapping. Mr. Arendt advises clients pursuing a post-foreclosure eviction, so they proceed under the appropriate statute, such as the forcible entry and detainer act or Illinois mortgage foreclosure law.

We invite you to schedule an initial consultation with Chicago Residential Real Estate Attorney Richard J. Arendt to discuss your legal issue. Our law firm represents clients in residential real property matters in the greater Chicagoland area as well as the following Counties: Cook County, Du Page County, Will County, Lake County, McHenry County, Kane County, and Boone County.